About Stewart Street

Stewart Street is an important connection for pedestrians from bustling Nicholson Street, through to the beloved green haven CERES Community Environment Park by the Merri Creek.

This is why Stewart Street has been recognised in our Brunswick Structure Plan, which aims to create people-friendly streets to better connect you to your favourite places in Brunswick.

Our aim is to improve the pedestrian amenity, walk-ability and presentation of Stewart Street between Nicholson street and CERES/Roberts Street.

We consulted with the community in late 2020. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience of Stewart Street!

See a summary of the 1st round of consultation

You asked for: Improved Footpaths

We will upgrade existing footpaths to make Stewart St safer and more accessible. We have acquired land to construct a new footpath on the south side of Stewart St (between Nicholson St and Ryan St).

You asked for: Improved Cycling and Traffic Conditions

We will include traffic calming treatments, road bicycle markings and raised pedestrian crossings, as well as improving visibility and footpath accessibility.

Unfortunately, some of your suggestions to improve traffic conditions could not be included in our Plan because of physical site constraints and technical or engineering requirements. Our FAQ section explains more.

You asked for: Trees and Landscape

We are proposing new street trees and planting on the north and south sides of Stewart St. We will also explore opportunities for Water Sensitive Urban Design, permeable surfaces and sustainable / recycled content materials.

We try wherever possible to protect our trees in Merri-bek. Unfortunately, we will need to remove a number of trees and shrubs to construct a new footpath on the south side of Stewart St, between Nicholson St and Ryan St. We will be planting new trees and plants in this area to replace those which we will lose. Our FAQ section explains more.

You asked for: Pedestrian Crossings

We will provide two new accessible, raised pedestrian crossings. One over Ryan St, and another over Stewart St. We will also provide a pedestrian crossing over Stewart St, close to Nicholson St.

In order to ensure better pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle visibility and movement, six on-street car spaces are proposed to be removed - four on Stewart St and two on Roberts St. Our FAQ section explains more.

You asked for: Public Art

We are working with a talented artist on an exciting art and wayfinding project for Stewart St.

The Draft Concept Plan

We used the feedback you shared with us to inform our Draft Concept Plan (shown below). This plan addressed the issues you raised, including those about pedestrian safety, accessibility, and amenity.

What happens next?

Thank you for your feedback on the Draft Concept Plan!

Your ideas will help shape the final design for Stewart Street, which we will share with you in 2023.

Follow this page to receive project updates as we work through your feedback and detailed design development over the next 12 months. To follow this page click on the +FOLLOW button at the top of the page.

Thank you for your continued support for this project.

The Draft Concept Plan

(Click on the plan to get a closer view)

Draft Concept Plan. Key initiatives included in the plan are outlined in the text below

Draft Concept Plan