As part of Merri-bek's Council’s play strategy, we are upgrading the playground and surrounds at Robinson Reserve, Coburg.

We thank all residents and members of the surrounding community, that provided thoughts and ideas about the things you enjoy in this park or what you would like to see improved or added to make it more enjoyable for your local community through both phase 1 and 2 of the community engagement.

We’ve made some changes based on your feedback and also want to clarify the following elements of the design:

  • No existing trees are proposed for removal during this project. Some trees will be assessed and trimmed for safety if necessary. The large peppercorn tree will be retained as a beautiful natural feature for all users of the park to enjoy.
  • All swings and the 4-way pommel see-saw/swing are being retained and refurbished. An additional 360 basket swing will also be installed.
  • The rockers will be refurbished and relocated to remain in the playground.
  • Fenced Dog Park facilities were not considered due to the high level of requests to keep the park open to all users, as well as there being a ‘Dog Off Leash’ park in close proximity to Robinson Reserve to the south in Anderson Park.
  • The existing reserve is fenced and we are not proposing to provide additional fencing around the playground. Having a playground in a park setting allows children to develop their confidence to understand and negotiate open areas that are part of the community. The broader park areas around playgrounds also allow more freedom of movement and for a greater variety of imaginative and active play.

Next steps

Temporary fencing will be installed on the 20 March 2023, with upgrade works beginning shortly thereafter.

Playgrounds that can be accessed nearby while Robinson Reserve is being upgraded are:

Please find the final concept plan for Robinson Reserve playground below: