Project update

Following this community consultation, officers have prepared a report in relation to the Proposed Lease of land at ATC Reserve.

Council will consider the report and make its final decision at its meeting on 10 May 2023.

The Council report which features in the agenda for the 10 May 2023 meeting has been added to this website to allow interested persons to read the officer recommendation.

The full agenda for the 10 May Council meeting is also now available via the Council website.


Council proposed to lease 165m² of its land at ATC Cook Reserve in Glenroy to Axicom for a telecommunication facility and an equipment shelter.

The lease agreement was proposed to be offered on the following terms:

Rent: $25,000 + GST per annum payable annually in advance
Term: Thirty Five (35) years
Rent review: 2.5% increase per annum
Use: To install, construct, operate and maintain communications facilities in accordance with the provisions of the proposed lease, including but not limited to inspecting, constructing, storing, operating, repairing, maintaining, altering, upgrading and replacing the Tenant’s equipment and incidental uses.

The above valuation was undertaken by an independent valuer appointed by Council and agreed to by both parties.

The land would be used for a lighting tower, which Axicom will extend and place their antennas on, and an equipment shelter.

The measurements of the equipment shelter are 2254mm (W) x 923mm (D) x 2126mm (H).

In addition to the lease income, Axicon will install a lighting tower which will provide lighting for the sports grounds, allowing year-round recreation. The lighting tower is worth approximately $300,000.

A 5G Technical Study commissioned by Council was undertaken by Swinburne University in 2020. The study was conducted by three expert biophysicists, one of whom is also a medical practitioner, from the School of Health Sciences at Swinburne University.

The Technical Study states:

"Our overall conclusion is that 5G RFR [Radiofrequency Radiation] will not present any deleterious effects on organisms in the environment and that 5G RFR is in many ways similar to 4G and previous generations of mobile telecommunications systems, without environmental effects."

Diagram of pole plan

Diagram of pole plan

Diagram of the proposed lease site

2 maps showing the position of the proposed lease site at ATC cook reserve. The marker is on the east side of the reserve near a small walkway that connects to Ash Court, just north of the Glenroy Tennis Club

Submissions of feedback are now closed

If you wish to provide written feedback to the proposed lease renewal, please fill in the submission form below. You will also be given the option of presenting your written submission in person at a Hearing of submissions.

Anyone who registers will be entitled to appear in person, or by a person on their behalf, at a Hearing Meeting which will be held on Monday 17 April at 5.30pm.

Written submissions will be considered in accordance with section 115 of the Act and Council’s Engagement Policy (Statutory Projects).

Submissions close Monday 10 April 2023 at 3pm.

Submissions form part of the public record of the meeting that Council will consider whether to proceed with the lease and will be appended to the Council report which is published on Council’s website.