Update: name endorsed by Council

At its meeting of 12 August, Council endorsed the name Djirri Djirri Reserve for the new park at 33 Outlook Drive, Glenroy.

We're creating a new park at 33 Outlook Drive in Glenroy and it needs a name!

A number of name options for the new park were raised by the community during consultation held in August 2019. Of these names, 4 were shortlisted based on their compliance with mandatory Geographic Names Victoria’s (GNV) Naming rules for places in Victoria, Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2016 (the naming rules) and Council’s preference criteria.

We are now inviting community members to vote on their preferred name from the following list, endorsed by Council at it's meeting of 10 June 2020:

  • Bunjil Park – (meaning the creator of all in Woi Wurrung language);
  • Murnong Park – (meaning Yam Daisy in Woi Wurrung language);
  • Dijirri Dijirri Park – (meaning Willy Wagtail or a little black dancing bird in Woi Wurrung language);
  • Viaduct Park – (meaning a long bridge-like structure, typically a series of arches, carrying a road or railway across a valley or other low ground).

For the use of Indigenous names, Council has consulted with and obtained approval from the Wurundjeri Tribe Council.

Voting will open Sunday 21 June, 2020 and close Tuesday 21 July, 2020.

The preferred name will be presented to Council for endorsement later this year.

All votes submitted via Conversations Moreland will be counted, and the name with the most votes will become the official name of the park, pending approvals. If you wish to object to the suggested names, you can write to us explaining why by contacting property@moreland.vic.gov.au.

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Aerial view of the park site at 33 Outlook Drive, Glenroy

Aerial view of 33 Outlook Drive in Glenroy