We are preparing a new improved design for the Melville-Moreland Shopping Strip, located at the corner of Melville and Moreland Road in Brunswick West.

This project forms part of Merri-bek Council's Shopping Strip Renewal Program. The aim is to improve the overall presentation of this shopping strip and the pedestrian experience.

The ideas that you shared with us in November 2019 have helped us with the final design. The improvements will include:

  • New concrete footpaths
  • 23 new street trees, upgrade to the tram stop’s kerb outstand
  • New raised pedestrian crossings
  • New seating, bins and a drinking fountain.
  • Small garden area within the carpark of Campbell Turnbull Library
  • Artwork wall installation titled “I've watched thee every hour” on the walls of the library

Construction commencing

Construction works are commencing on 16 March 2022.

The works is expected to be completed by June 2022.

How will it impact you?

During construction, access will remain to all properties in the works area. Construction will happen in small stages and will work around the businesses’ opening hours to minimise inconvenience. This will include some works at night

If your property is directly impacted, you will receive regular construction updates in the mail. Council officers and the contractor will be on site most days to help deal with any issues quickly.

Construction staging and updates

The Staging plan is available for download below, it will continually be updated as the project progresses.

Updates on the project will be published every fortnight and are available for download below. Flyers are also available at various points in the shopping strip.

Please click ‘follow’ if you would like to receive regular updates via email.

Who to contact for assistance

If you have any questions regarding the construction works please contact:

  • Site Foreman, Darian Lindsay
    from Blue Peak Constructions
    on 0433 982 963

For other enquiries please contact: