Coburg Courtyard + Courtyard Jams - launch party

Coburg Courtyard - the making of

Coburg Courtyard seeks to establish a new outdoor recreational space that encourages play and enjoyment.

The area alongside Schoolhouse Studios in the old Coles Carpark in Coburg will be brightened with a colourful ground and wall mural, places to sit, planter boxes and dedicated areas to joyfully utilise the space.

Significant benefits of the new pop-up include:

  • providing an opportunity for people to connect and socialise while interacting with the space.
  • improved appearance, offering a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  • encouraging people to dwell longer in central Coburg, with an attractive gateway from the new Coburg station to the supermarkets and other traders, library and Coburg Mall
  • increased opportunities for interaction with the artists and makers housed at Schoolhouse Studios.

Thanks to state government-led $40 million COVIDSafe Outdoor Activation Fund 2021, Coburg Courtyard has been made possible.

We encourage you to check back on this page to stay up to dates with the space's progress.