The Victorian Child Safe Standards changed on 1 July 2022, and we are updating our policies and procedures to meet the new requirements. We want to keep children and young safe in all the work we do. We want to listen to their ideas and make sure they know how to speak up or make a complaint if something isn't right.

There are many different ways we have contact with children and young people. We run supported playgroups, childcare and youth and library programs and children and young people can attend events or festivals that we run. We can have incidental contact with children and young people while working in the community, for example when doing maintenance in parks or sporting clubs. Council manages records and keeps information about children and young people, including images. We also contract other organisations who have contact with children and young people.

We are reviewing and updating our processes to ensure children and young people are kept safe whenever they have contact with us, and that they know how to speak up and have their say.

For the purposes of the Child Safe Standards, a child is anyone under the age of 18.

How you can contribute

We want to hear from children, young people and families about what they think is important in relation to child safety and wellbeing.

We will use the feedback provided to update our Child Safe procedures and Code of Conduct to reflect what is important to children, young people and families. Our feedback processes will also be further developed, so it is easier for children and young people to speak up.

In addition to this short survey, we will be consulting with children and young people in our programs.

Please complete the short survey below by 28 February 2023