Next steps: new public toilet location

We thank all residents who participated in our engagement and provided comments.

Based on this feedback we will be installing a public toilet in a new location within Jacobs Reserve.

The need for a public toilet within the Reserve is clear, however we heard residents’ concerns about the proposed locations.

  • The new toilet will be located in the northwest corner of the park, north of tram stop 38.
  • To reduce the impact on community privacy the doors of the new facility will face south down Melville Rd.
  • The new public toilet will be open from 6am to 6pm, 7 days a week.
  • The construction of the semi-automated accessible toilet will be completed by December 2022.
Sketch of new public toilet in Jacobs Reserve

Rendering of new public toilet in Jacobs Reserve.
Facing South along Melville Rd.

An aerial photo of Jacob's Reserve, Brunswick West, showing walking paths and surrounding streets.

Phase 1 Community consultation - What you told us:

There were 3 key points we noted from locals during our engagement, which are:

1. Some residents felt there was no need for a public toilet

Residents immediately surrounding the park did not see a need for a public toilet in Jacobs Reserve due to the park being very small. Some other concerns raised were privacy and the security concern of the residents.

2. A new public toilet was welcomed by older residents and young families

The proposal for a public toilet was welcomed by the elderly residents and the young families with children who attend the park very regularly. A public toilet will provide much-needed ease for these residents, so they do not need to rush back home for emergencies. A public toilet will also help service a variety of community members who also use the park, nearby shops and public transport.

3. Concerns around the 3 proposed locations

Residents voiced their concerns about the proposed locations suggested by Council. The key concern was privacy concerns to the immediate residents and security concerns.