Time for an Upgrade!

We are upgrading the park and playground at HW Foletta Park with construction to be completed by the end of August 2024. This little park and playground is used by many and due for a much needed upgrade!

We have received your thoughts and suggestions about what changes you would like to see in this park and created a Draft Concept Plan for your review and comment.

This is your local park and we would love to hear from you!

HW Foletta is a small park, so please consider the location when you share your thoughts and ideas and we will adjust the draft plan if necessary and appropriate.

Join the conversation

  • Phase 3: revised plan

    Once we have your feedback on the draft concept plan, we will adjust the concept plan to reflect your inputs as much as possible.

How can the community influence this project?

What can be influenced?

  • New play equipment
  • New park furniture
  • New trees and garden beds
  • A small shelter or shade structure
  • Paving
  • Public art

What can't be changed?

  • No Toilets will be installed - This is Council Policy for 'Local Parks'.
  • Large equipment like 'Flying Foxes' cannot be included due to space restrictions.
  • This park will remain a 'Dog on Leash' park.
  • Additional car parking will not be created.
  • Only dying or unsafe trees will be removed.
  • Existing fencing will remain, however, if any damages are present, they will be repaired.