Hosken Reserve Masterplan Refresh

We are working closely with our local community to refresh our Hosken Reserve Masterplan in 2021.

To ensure that planning for the future of this valued local reserve reflects community needs and expectations;

  • In December 2020, a report about Hosken Reserve was tabled at our Council meeting recommending a refresh through an in-depth community engagement process.
  • In January 2021, we appointed a consortium called theCommunityCollaborative. to lead and project manage the Hosken Reserve Masterplan Refresh. Led by Dan Ferguson they were assessed as the best option having a balanced approach to sport, community health and wellbeing, urban planning and community engagement. theCommunityCollaborative was supported by Conversation Caravan leading the engagement activities Pollen Studio providing the landscape design response.
  • After considering an extensive community engagement process conducted in February and March 2021, Merri-bek Council set direction around the surfaces, sports infrastructure and sports use of Coburg North’s Hosken Reserve. The independent Background Report and Engagement Summary presented at the 12 May Council Meeting advised that Council needed to set some direction on key issues before proceeding to the next stage of community consultation.
  • At the 12 May Council Meeting, Council unanimously resolved to:
    - Retain the North oval and East field as natural grass. These areas will continue as shared spaces for sport and general community use.
    - The North Oval will be formalised as a football pitch with a low-level 1.1 metre black chain mesh fence, with gates that will not be locked.
    - Install a hybrid surface (combination natural turf and synthetic) on the South field.

Read our media release regarding the Hosken Reserve Master Plan Refresh Council resolutions here.

  • A Refresh Group consisting of 25 community members was established and met four times between 19 May 2021 and 9 June 2021. The outcome of this process has been the establishment of draft design recommendations for Council consideration. Read the Refresh Group Process Report.
    • Please Note: There were a number of items that were not fully agreed to during the Refresh Group. These are listed in the Council Report and more detail can be found in the Consultants report.
  • The Draft Hosken Reserve Master Plan was endorsed unanimously at the July 2021 Moreland Council Meeting and was released to the community for a final round of feedback.
  • Engagement Stage 3 was undertaken from 19 July to 15 August and extended to 22 August. Of the 580 responses received, 80 per cent were very satisfied or satisfied with the Masterplan. A more detailed outline of the consultation findings can be found in the consultation report
  • The final Concept Plan was endorsed at the October 2021 Council meeting. The full report can be found here and the endorsed concept plan can be found here


The aspirations of the draft Masterplan will deliver significant benefits to the community by creating contemporary facilities and services that support current and future health and wellbeing outcomes.