What is Gardens for Wildlife?

Gardens for Wildlife (G4W) is a program to promote caring for nature through habitat gardening and community building. G4W is suitable for all backyard types, whether you have a big backyard or a small balcony. There are many ways to provide shelter, nesting habitat, and natural food and water sources in your garden. The G4W program offers support and resources for wildlife gardening at home.
The program will see councils working with volunteers to offer support and advice to gardeners to enhance the habitat value in their backyard.
We acknowledge the assistance of Gardens for Wildlife Victoria and founding program Knox Gardens for Wildlife.

Why Gardens for Wildlife?

Merri-bek has a remarkable diversity of indigenous flora and fauna, especially along our creeks and waterways. Private gardens are a significant part of green space in Merri-bek. Our gardens make a valuable contribution to enhancing the biodiversity of our city.

Through urbanisation, suitable habitat for native animals has decreased and become fragmented. This results in the decline of many animal and plant species.

By enhancing the habitat values of private gardens, we can link habitats and create places where our native wildlife can thrive.

How to get involved

We are currently seeking volunteers! If you are passionate about urban nature and enjoy sharing your time and knowledge with our community, register your interest in becoming a Garden Guide below.
Garden Guides will be responsible for motivating and inspiring new wildlife gardeners by visiting residents in their garden and helping them discover the wildlife and stewardship potential of their gardens.
What the Volunteer Experience can offer

  • Be part of growing a community that values and cares for urban biodiversity
  • Inspire others to take practical action on urban biodiversity
  • Connect with community and share knowledge
  • Expand your knowledge of our flora and fauna
  • Opportunities to mentor, network and collaborate in Merri-bek and the broader Gardens for Wildlife community
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Volunteer to be a garden guide