What is planned?

We have nearly finished the park upgrade.

The playspace and park infrastructure improvements have now been completed so the reserve has been re-opened to the public. The table tennis will be installed mid-late July and further minor updates will be done through July. Further street art will be undertaken in August.

Construction is now likely to complete end July, weather permitting.

The current version of the consultation summary report can be viewed here

Project updates

Join the conversation

How can the community influence this project?

What can be influenced?

  • What type of play would you like to see in the playspace upgrade (e.g. swinging, climbing, sliding, balancing, spinning, etc) and for what child age ranges?
  • What additional elements would you like included in this reserve (e.g. garden beds, buffer planting, trees, gathering space, street art)?
  • Additional park furniture and fixtures (e.g. seating, drinking fountain)?
  • Anything you can think of to make the space feel unique?

What can't be changed?

  • The upgrade will only cover the reserve and the playspace, not surrounding areas (e.g. roads, car parking, lighting, services etc)
  • The existing playspace will be repositioned to a more central location in the reserve to reduce impacts on an adjacent large tree and proximity of a neighbouring property
  • Large sized play elements cannot be included (e.g. flying fox, tower combination unit etc) owing to lack of space and proximity of neighbouring properties
  • Sports grounds and their facilities will not be included
  • Unless trees are dead or in decline they will not be removed as part of the works
  • Some park infrastructure elements need to be upgraded (e.g. park fencing)
  • The works must fit into the available budget.