Save time, money and stress!

Ever gone grocery shopping and brought home items you didn’t realise you already had. Or not cooked something you bought ingredients for because something vital was missing?

Plan meals a few days or a week ahead and only buying what you need . A little planning up front means you will spend less time thinking about what to cook and less time shopping. Using ingredients you have and only buying what you need saves money. Have nutritious, delicious meals every day without regularly resorting to expensive, unhealthy takeaway food.

  1. Check the ingredients you have at home. Note ingredients in the pantry, fridge and freezer that need using up
  2. Think about meals you’d like to cook for the week that use ingredients you already have
  3. Include a leftovers dinner to save time on your busiest day – pick a dish that can easily be scaled up and keeps well in the fridge
  4. If you are low on frozen leftovers think about planning a meal that freezes well for a future easy meal option (see Week 4)
  5. Make your shopping list for the ingredients you don’t have based on your menu plan
  6. Stick to your shopping list and try to resist impulse buys!

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