Thankyou to all residents who helped identify a local dumped rubbish hotspot. Over 230 residents located 396 sites across Moreland.

We have narrowed down 10 hotspots in which we will blitz based on the number of pins and councils authority in those locations.

How hotspots were chosen

  • Ranked in order of pins per address
  • Grouped neighbouring pins
  • Eliminated locations that were on private property and currently under investigation.

Map of Moreland
  • 4 in Brunswick
  • 1 in Brunswick East
  • 1 in Pascoe Vale
  • 1 in Coburg North
  • 1 in Hadfield
  • 1 in Fawkner
  • 1 in Glenroy

The suburbs of these 10 locations are listed above. We will not publish the exact addresses of the hotspots to avoid increased dumping and local stigma.

Identified hotspots will have surveillance cameras installed (where possible), signage and increased patrols. This will ensure can be more responsive and signal the culprits that it needs to stop!

Locations on private property

There were some sites which received many pins, located on private properties. Council do not have jurisdiction to simply remove dumped rubbish from private properties without prior warning.

2 key sites on the map which were on private property are currently under investigation. They have been contacted by Council with a notice to clear the rubbish and works to rectify the rubbish are already underway.

Consultation feedback

We received some feedback during the project that identified issues of the map’s usability on mobile devices. This may have limited some residents’ ability to pin a hotspot on their mobiles. We have reached out to our website developers and they are looking into fixing this issue for future projects.

We all know that dumped rubbish is a widespread issue in Moreland. In fact, over the last 4 years, reports of illegally dumped rubbish have doubled across our municipality. It’s unsightly, it takes time to remove and it costs both you and us money.

With your help, we’re cracking down on dumped rubbish! We're working with you to identify the hotspots, cleaning them up and making Moreland a community we can all be proud of.

Any litter and waste that is dumped illegally on the footpath, on public land including in reserves and parks, or on private land.

Dumping rubbish and littering is a serious offence and heavy fines may be issued to offenders under the EPA Act and Moreland City Council’s Local Laws

On-the-spot fines for littering or dumping are $363. If the matter is prosecuted in court, this can reach $4000 for individuals and up to $18,000 for businesses.

The dumping of litter and waste on the footpath or other public land including in reserves and parks or on private land is illegal.

Council investigates all incidents of dumping and may proceed with enforcement action if council deems a person or business has dumped rubbish.

You can also find more information about dumped rubbish on our website.

If you have any questions about the status of your request, please give us a call: 9240 1111

The most commonly dumped items in Moreland are household rubbish, furniture, mattresses, green waste, computers, and televisions. Sometimes dangerous goods and hazardous waste are dumped.

Whether you’re a tenant moving out or you’ve just done a big spring clean, some things can be hard to dispose of. But there are plenty of alternatives to illegally dumping rubbish.

Here are just a few places that can help take rubbish off your hands:

Moreland Council hard waste collection

Our hard waste collection period is coming soon. Stay tuned to your letterbox or our website for collection dates in your area.

Waste and recycling locations
There are a recycling centres and landfills (rubbish tips) close to Moreland, which you can find out about on our Waste and recycling locations page.

Garden waste
For garden waste, you can order a food and garden organics bin from Council. You can find out more about this on our Food and garden organics bins page.

Hazardous waste
You can find out how to dispose of hazardous waste on our Detox your home page.

You can find a list of charities that collect donations from your home on our Reducing waste page.

A-Z guide to waste and recycling
Ways to reuse, recycle or responsibly dispose of items are outlined on our A-Z guide to waste and recycling page.

This page is for collecting information about dumped rubbish hotspots for an upcoming blitz.

You can report dumped rubbish through the Council website or contact Council.

If you saw the rubbish being dumped, please provide information such as the vehicle registration, make and model of the vehicle, time and place of the offence, description of the litter, and who the offence was committed by (driver or passenger). You need to be willing to appear as a witness in court if required.

Report littering from motor vehicles to the EPA and they can issue an infringement notice to litterers.

See how to report an abandoned shopping trolley.

Identify a dumped rubbish hotspot

Help us identify the locations in Moreland where rubbish is repeatedly dumped illegally

Do you know a location where rubbish is illegally dumped a lot? We want to know about it. By working with the community, we can identify some of the areas in Moreland affected most by illegally dumped rubbish.

Use the map to pin a location where you’ve seen repeated instances of dumped rubbish. If you can provide a photo, even better.

Once we’ve identified Moreland’s dumped rubbish hotspots, we’ll increase patrols and monitor the areas.

Working in partnership with resident 'Rubbish Reporters', we can closely monitor dumping activity in these hotspots. By becoming a 'Rubbish Reporter', you can help us clean up your area and stop illegal rubbish dumping in our community. Volunteer using the form below the map.

You do not have to become a resident reporter to identify a hotspot.