About the Policy

Council manages lots of properties across the city, including open space, buildings, public roads and Crown Land.

Property is vitally important to the delivery of community services and achieving the long-term strategic goals of the community and Council. We need to ensure our property decisions generate the most community benefit.

The guiding principles that underpin property lease and licence dealings are to:

  • maximise community benefit
  • deliver the Council Plan
  • make our assets work harder
  • act responsibly

The revised Policy sets clear parameters for how leases and licenses work. It's a guide for both Council and prospective tenants . It helps to ensure compliance with legislation, and a consistent, fair, and impartial approach to the allocation and occupation of Council-owned or managed properties.

  • An update to the legislative framework noting the new Local Government Act 2020
  • Introducing guiding principles for consistent decision-making
  • General updating of regulations, technology and terminology to align with Merri-bek best practices
  • Inclusion of telecommunication lease parameters
  • The calculation of rent forumla for community tenants
  • The structure of the agreements
  • How we evaluate potential tenants
  • How we categorise tenants for rent and maintenance
  • How we establish agreements

Get Involved

Feedback on the Draft Lease and Licence Policy has now closed - thank you for your submissions!

What happens next

All feedback received is currently being considered and a final Policy developed. Council will consider the final Policy for endorsement at its meeting in December 2023.