The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is a Victorian Government initiative that rewards Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible drinking container they recycle at designated refund points.

You can participate in the CDS by recycling eligible drink bottles and cans at designated refund points. There are different types of refund points across Merri-bek, located on a mix of private and council land. These include over-the-counter drop-offs, depots and reverse vending machines.

We are working with our zone operator, TOMRA Cleanaway, to install reverse vending machines in Merri-bek to increase opportunities for our community to recycle their drink containers. TOMRA Cleanaway are responsible for establishing refund points, paying refunds and collecting returned containers for recycling.

Reverse vending machines

One of the ways to recycle drink containers is through automated, self-service refund points called reverse vending machines (RVMs). They come in different sizes (see examples below).

Two large RVMs have already been installed on council land in Sydney Road, Brunswick and Domain Street, Hadfield. We are now working to install a series of smaller RVMs in Merri-bek.

While TOMRA Cleanaway install and manage the machines, the locations of reverse vending machines on council land are decided by Council.

image of small, medium and large machine with holes in front for drink containers to go into

Example of small (left), medium (middle) and large (right) reverse vending machines. Photo credit: TOMRA

We have identified further locations for the installation of small and medium reverse vending machines (marked in red on the map below) at:

  • A G Gillon Oval Brunswick
  • ATC Cook Reserve Glenroy
  • Coles Coburg
  • Dunstan Reserve Brunswick West
  • Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre

We are inviting comments from the community on proposed locations for reverse vending machines on council land.

Comments on these locations are open until 5pm, Thursday 6th June 2024 via the survey at the end of this page.

Merri-bek CDS map

Proposed locations for reverse vending machines are shown in red on the map below.

Refund points already in Merri-bek are shown in green on the map below. These include reverse vending machines, over the counter drop-offs and depots.

Click on the pins on the map for more information.

How can the community influence this project?

For this project, you can provide feedback on proposed locations of reverse vending machines.

What can't be changed?

Like other councils, we are working in partnership with the Victorian Government on this project, and therefore some decisions have already been made. They include:

  • Council's participation in the program.
  • The zone operator Council is working with to the install and manage the machines.
  • Which drink containers can and cannot be deposited in the machines.
  • The criteria for selecting a suitable location.

Tell us what you think

We are inviting the community to provide comments on proposed locations identified for the installation of reverse vending machines under the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme. Be sure to provide your comments via the form below before this engagement closes at 5pm Thursday 6th June 2024.

What happens next

Following the consultation period, we will review all feedback received to understand your concerns and comments regarding the new reverse vending machines. Overtime, as other locations are identified across Merri-bek, we will ask for your feedback on those locations too.