We're planning changes to John Street in Brunswick East.

Trial road closures

In September 2019, trial road closures were installed on John Street, Brunswick. This closure was designed to allow more people to get around safely by allowing walking and bike riding access without through traffic.

Installing this trial allowed residents, this community, and Council to understand the impact of the change before a permanent decision was made. This is especially important given the site is near local shops and Fleming Park.

Permanent changes

We are planning to make the John Street road closure permanent. People walking and riding bicycles will still be able to pass through the street, and local vehicle traffic will still be able to access the road.

The trial was originally intended to conclude sooner, however COVID-19 impacts resulted in Council also trialing two shared zones in Brunswick East, including one along Albert Street in this local area.

The shared zone is a separate but complementary intervention aimed at opening up our streets to people walking and riding bikes, so that more people can get around safely. In August 2022, Council decided to make these shared zones permanent, and officers are currently working to implement that.

You can read more about this shared zone here.

Why we are proposing this

Following the installation of this trial, the community supported the road closure as it would improve safety for people who walk and ride bikes within the area.

Traffic surveys undertaken during this trial have shown that traffic volumes have decreased significantly in John Street. Meanwhile, the speed and volume of the neighbouring local streets has remained within ideal range, as well as major roads.

This data shows us that the closure is working to make the streets safer for all road users and residents.

Tell us what you think

We would like to understand what residents and the local communmity think of the proposal to make this trial permanent. Your feedback will help inform Council's decision of whether to make the trial permanent.

We accepted written feedback by email until 5pm Friday 11 November 2022.

Hearing of submissions

Anyone who makes a submission can also deliver their feedback in person (or be represented by someone specified in the submission) at a Hearing of Submissions Committee meeting. Please let us know when you submit your feedback if you would like to attend this meeting.

Share your feedback

Please send your feedback by email to the address below. If you need assistance making a submission please contact customer service on 9240 1111 and quote 'John Street Road Closure'.

Email aandreotti@moreland.vic.gov.au