We have been approached by a developer and asked to consider their proposal to construct a new park at Council-owned car park 1-9 Breese Street Brunswick. If supported, the proposal will move the current carpark underground and will construct a new park on top at the street level.

Council has received the proposal from the owners and developers of the site at 20-22 Hope Street, next to the Council-owned public car park at 1-9 Breese Street.

The owners and developers are planning to build an apartment building right next door to the current car park. They think their development would be better if the apartments looked out over a park. They think it’s worth investing in moving the car park underground and building a basic park at the street level to create this new view.

We know that Anstey Village has experienced significant growth over the last decade and the existing local open space, such as Bulleke-bek Park, is very well used.

Getting a new park without Council having to pay all the costs to construct one could benefit the community.

We also know that car parking is important for some people in the community, and this proposal could mean changes to existing car parking arrangements.

What is proposed?

The developer has proposed they will pay to construct a basic park at the street level, and move the current car park underground.

The 60 carparks on site will generally be replaced, but we anticipate there may be a small number that may be lost, when moving underground.

No decision has been made on whether to go ahead with this proposal at this stage. Both Council and the developer would need to explore whether the idea could work, for example by looking at costs, park design requirements, and how a new underground park would be managed. We want to hear what the community thinks about the idea before making a decision about whether to progress.

Examples of what the park could look like

  • Hellier Street, Brunswick

  • Whitlam Place, Fitzroy

  • Balfe Park, Brunswick East

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