How do we make townhouses in Merri-bek more accessible?

Merri-bek is changing quickly as more people are choosing to make our community their home.

This rapid growth means we need to find ways to improve the quality of homes.

To support this growth and improve the quality of townhouses, Merri-bek City Council is trialling a Better Quality Development process. The process aims to provide existing and future Merri-bek residents with townhouses that last and that they can live in for as long as possible.

One aspect we needed community input on, is how we include accessibility features in the Better Quality Development process.

Engagement Fast facts

What we heard

People value accessible features in the home

There are challenges in getting the development industry to change

What we did

We incorporated feedback across the Better Quality Development (BQD) model. The BQD criteria and our design examples have changed to reflect what we heard from the community. The next step of this project is promotion and communication launch. The feedback we have from the community will be valuable in shaping our communication.

What is the Better Quality Development process?

Better Quality Developments is a streamlined planning application process to help make sure that homes built in Merri-bek are:

  • Well designed
  • Accessible
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • And comfortable to live in.

  • This process applies to 2 houses being built on one block of land (townhouses).

    Planning applications under the Better Quality Development process will be determined within 6 weeks from the date of its lodgement. Normally, a planning application is determined within approximately 4 - 6 months from the date of its lodgement with Council.