Changing the way our streets operate can create safer and more efficient street experience for all road users. Sometimes, that includes limiting through-access for motor vehicles and opening up the street for use via other modes of transport and local residents.

Trial road closure

We are proposing a trial road closure on Barrow Street, Coburg, south of Harding Street. During this trial, bollards would be installed on Barrow Street south of the intersection with Harding Street, and would prevent motor vehicle traffic from passing through.

The trial would run for 6-12 months, during which we can assess whether a permanent closure is an appropriate and viable option for this location. This assessment would be made by gathering and assessing relevant traffic data, observations and community feedback.

We are consulting on whether or not to commence a trial, not whether to install permanent infrastructure.

Birds eye view map of Barrow Street trial road closure design, showing bollards that extend 8m south of intersection with Harding Street

Why we are considering this

Barrow Street is an important local walking and biking link, connecting many local destinations that are significant for our local community, and forms part of the East Brunswick Shimmy bike route.

It is also a key walking and biking link for local school students from Coburg High and Primary Schools, Antonine College and Merri-bek Primary School. The closure is also expected to significantly enhance the comfort, safety and amenity of the streets surrounding the nearby St Bernard’s Catholic Primary School.

This trial closure is expected to create a safer road environment for our most vulnerable road users such as these school children, pedestrians and people riding bikes by reducing vehicle volumes and speeds, while maintaining local access for residents to enjoy a quieter and safer street environment.

The trial closure would be expected to have minimal impact on motor vehicle traffic in the area, with many available alternative routes for drivers.

Why we are consulting on a trial

Road closures are carefully considered to ensure that they create the safest on-road experience and have the greatest possible community benefit.

Installing the infrastructure as a trial is part of the rigorous standards required by the Local Government Act for road closures. A trial also allows us to evaluate the infrastructure for suitability and any changes that can be made to improve the site in the event the closure is made permanent.

What happens next

Based on your feedback, Council officers will make a recommendation on whether or not the trial should commence. This will be discussed at a Council meeting in July 2024 where a decision will be made.

If the trial does commence, we will consult our community following the trial’s completion. This feedback will guide whether the trial becomes permanent infrastructure.

Follow this project page for updates and further opportunities to have your say.