---UPDATE 9 September---

At its meeting on 8 September 2021 Moreland Council voted in favour of a recommendation from Council officers to proceed with the sale.

About the proposal

Our community told us they want to see more social and affordable housing options in Moreland so we are taking steps in this direction.

In June this year Council approved the commencement of a process to consider the sale of land at 2-12 Wilkinson Street Brunswick to Moreland Affordable Housing Ltd (MAH). MAH is a charitable not for profit company that was set up by Council in 2018. MAH has the express purpose to provide affordable housing options in Moreland.

The land that is the western portion of the car park at 2-12 Wilkinson Street, Brunswick. Council will not be paid for the land, rather it will have a binding agreement on its future use to benefit the community. The agreement will ensure that 85% of the proposed 34 apartments developed on the site must be affordable housing; at least half of these will be provided as social housing. The agreement means that the apartments must remain as affordable and social housing into the future. In order for the sale to be finalised, MAH will need to have obtained a planning permit and demonstrate the development is financed.

Thank you for your submissions!

Between 12 July and 9 August we received 140 written submissions on the proposal to sell land at 2-12 Wilkinson Street Brunswick for the purposes of creating affordable housing. Thanks to all of you for taking the time and care to provide your feedback. You can find the submissions and an analysis report on them in the Document Library on this page.